De grandMA ultralight is een afgeslankte versie van de grandMA light lichtafel met alle software features als de grotere MA lichtafels. hij is volledig compateble met de grandMA familie. De grandMA ultralight. High-end features zoals multi-user programmeren zijn ook toepasbaar met de grandMA ultralight, dit maakt hem mede de perfecte lichttafel voor professionelen lichttechnici.

Advanced Features

  • Max. 16 consoles networked as Multi User,
  • consoles in the same session are automatically a backup system
  • Max. 64 DMX universes with Artnet node
  • Auto-Save function
  • Oops function (undo up to 20 commands)
  • Recall commands direct from command line
  • FTP file server support and remote file backup functions 


Software Specification

Protocols: DMX-512A, MA-Net, Art-Net, Pathport, Portall, Strand Shownet, Midi Show Control, ACNready Parameters: 2,048 (up to 16,384 with Parameter Expansion via NSPs)
Cues: virtual unlimited
Sequences: 999
Effects: 899
Groups: 999
Presets: 8,991
Dimmer Profiles: virtuel unlimited
User Profiles: 32
User Interface (Hardware)
Executor Faders: 10 manually operated
Executor Buttons: 20
Rotary Encoders: 4
Trackball: 1 (integrated)
User Interface (Software)
Playback Fader: 10x 128 pages
Playback Fader Buttons: 30x 128 pages
Playback Buttons : 20x 128 pages
Network: 100 base TX, RJ45 (EtherCon on request)
DMX-512A: 2x OUT, 1x IN
MIDI: 1x OUT, 1x IN,
Time Code: 1x SMPTE (LTC, MTC)
RS232: 2x DB-9 (restricted)
Keyboard: 1x PS2
Mouse: 1x PS2
Printer Port : 1x parallel
VGA: 2x DB-15


Fabrikant MA-lighting